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Supporting holistic care for our BIPOC communities

Creating accessible and culturally sensitive health care means eliminating health inequality by reducing racial disparities in the field and dismantling medical mistrust among marginalized communities. 

Here and beyond

With over 40 years of sustained philanthropy and community involvement, our team is committed to not only providing our local communities with better health care accessibility and representation, but to bring our mission internationally to help develop comprehensive solutions to systemic racism across borders.

Support for Haiti

After years of economic troubles and political tensions, Haitian medical facilities have struggled to meet the needs of its population.Through multiple medical missions and the implementation of a care centre, The Cadet Foundation aims to support Haiti in facing the health challenges associated with the deepening economic and political crisis.


Continuing education for BIPOC scholars

Increasing diversity and representation in the medical field directly results in better care for individuals in these communities by reducing racial bias and medical mistrust. We aim to create a strong pipeline of BIPOC physicians by eliminating the barriers students of colour often encounter when applying to medical school and help develop comprehensive solutions to systemic racism in the health field.

Our Partners

Meet our team

Dr Nicolas Cadet
Dre Sylvie Cadet
Dre Ji Wei Yang
Robespierre Cadet, retired pastor

Rebuilding trust and instigating institutional changes starts from within the medical field and largely relies on future physicians of colour.

About us

As a small team of philanthropists and health care professionals, we are committed to bringing our knowledge and heart into creating impactful change.

Our mission

The Cadet Foundation’s mission is to love, serve and empower marginalized populations in Canada and internationally through holistic health.

Our history

Over the years, our team has provided sustained community service through various medical missions and conferences in Greater Montréal and Haiti.

Making higher education accessible to everyone